Hutchinson Area Women of Today

What We Do

Hutchinson Women of Today strongly believes in serving others.  Activities are conducted to support and educate the chapter members along with members of the community in a variety of areas. 

Some of our projects include:

     ~ Habitat for Humanity  

    ~ Trunk or Treat

    ~ McLeod For Tomorrow - Winter Fest       

    ~ "Adopt a Family" for Christmas

 Some foundations we support are:
     ~ Wishes and More

     ~ Wings Program                            
     ~ Common Cup                        
Developing one's self confidence and learning how to work more effectively with others is a priority in the Women of Today organization.  Opportunities for leadership training exist at all levels of the organization (local, state, and national) through committee work, chairing projects, and holding officer positions.

Members improve their speaking and writing skills, and can participate in courses to develop other skills.  We "build a better you" through the following:

     ~ Effective Speaking                                    
     ~ Effective Writing
     ~ Communication                                        
     ~ Financial Management
     ~ Leadership and Team Building                    
     ~ Time Management
Membership in the
Hutchinson Women of Today offers the opportunity to develop close friendships with women who share similar interests.  Socials and other fun filled events are held regularly to encourage members to get to know one another. 
Some events we've had include:
     ~ Holiday Parties                  
     ~ Mystery Socials                
The development of these long-lasting friendships is one of the benefits of being a member of Women of Today.  Some of our members have been active for over 20 years.  And we have made friends all across Minnesota and the U.S


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